drink lotsa water! grab ur own ass !get 8 hrs of sleep! rinse and repeat

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Yu Fukagawa
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Daniel Rozensztroch/Christian Gimonet, 1982.
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Woman and Little Girl (I)
Emil Nolde - 1918
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Guy Billout (1984)
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ive been feeling so bad this past week just horrible , lots of things, but not all things, that make up “myself” are not the way i feel they should be in order to truly be “me” this doesnt really amke sense im not even going to try and rreword because someone out there has probably already said it anywyas i am crushed with the pressure of 5 AP tests in the coming week and i am not handling it well. ivestarted developing physical symptoms of stress which is making me more anxious and unable to focus i am writing this load instead of studying i am a serial procrastinator andim afraid i will be for the rest of my life and i will never live with the present in mind, it is always the future or the past, thats another thing ive been feeling very painfully nostalgic lately and i cant listen to sublime anymore without wanting to cry „ i keep picking at my scabs and its really gross and i havent washed my hair because i hate the smell of the shampoo my gma buys „im afraid im slipping back into my disorder and it scares me but at the same time offers a sort of comfort because it reminds me of times when things were not better but different i think it is some sort of rrespone to the aforementioned nostalgia but i dont really care about trying to stop/ fix it i just need to get through these next two weeks

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peter ravn
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A naked Spanish men throws flower petals at the picture of the Birth of Venus by Botticelli  

Weezer was one of the only stereotypical middle school bands I never really got into but my cousins boyfriend drove me to Safeway earlier and say it ain’t so came on the radio and it was a real moment we bonded and it was great sorta like that scene from the movie ‘Almost famous’ except two very caffeinated people in a minivan

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Jade Trails, Utah
David Benjamin Sherry
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Rei Kawakubo, Donald Drawbertson.

when I see the word ‘occult’ I always think of handmade quilts and soft woolen blankets„ this proves to be a cause of cognitive dissonance ,as whilst in freakymmood states, I find it interesting to peruse forums on the subject here on the internet.com