i taught my dog a new trick :o)

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tom thomson
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i guess that i miss you i guess i forgive you im glad you stood in my way

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also„ I am going to be ranting about this on many posts probably in the next 3 weeks but i hate the health curriculum i am currently trying to forgive and forget so having to do 2 hours of course work about eating disorders and alcoholism is just like Cmon 7_7

anyways if theres one thing i learned from that class it is that tumblr culture is alive and thriving in the teenage populations of the nearby middle class suburb 4 band t shirts 2 doctor who t shirts  8 kids with alternative hair cuts and several occasions of “fangirling” were witnessed.„, for some reason i felt attacked

im gunna !!!Explode!!! my class just ended early which pisses me off bc  if  i had known this i couldve made the veruca salt concert!!!!!! i gave awya my tickets and now i am just walking down this sidewalk because i have 30 min to burn before my gma comes to pick me up   

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The Garden’s Steps, Gergeroy - Henri Le Sidaner

today is jhust a crumby day… i had to take my senior pictures today and they turned out not so good and later i have to go in for one of the mandatory meetings for an online health class im taking and guess waht?? it starts at 5 and ends at 8:30 which renders me unable to go to the veruca salt concert in dc tonight !! they are my favourite girl band and i am so disappointed i really hope they tour again 

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Eliseo Meifrén Roig (Catalan-Spanish, 1857-1940), Jardin con flores. Oil on canvas, 60 x 73 cm.
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Margaret Preston (Australian, 1875-1963), Middle Harbour, c.1952. Oil on board, 34.5 x 44.5 cm.
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René Magritte, La page blanche [The Blank Page], 2003